How can a project increase its TrustScore?

The TrustScore is calculated based on dozens of parameters. We can't tell you exactly by how much each of those actions will increase your score because it will depend on a variety of other parameters that our algorithm also checks and takes into account.

The TrustScore cannot be manipulated by any outside influence. It's structured in a way that means not even our own staff can interfere with the results.

In this section we will cover some of the ways you can increase your score.

There are 3 main parts to our TrustScore:

  1. Verifying team members
  2. Company verification
  3. A Know Your Customer (KYC) Interview

These are displayed on ALL projects, completed or not. The green ticks indicate that these sections have been completed.

Here are some further details on each of these elements:

1. Verifying team members

Projects with 1 or 2 teams members will not gain as much trust from investors as those with 5 or more. Therefore, it is important to included everyone involved even if they hold an advisory position. Each additional team member that gets verified by our ID verification partner earns you additional points.

2. Company verification

Visitors to CoinSchedule will want to know that your company is real. To verify your company, please click on the 'Trust' tab under your project or send your company incorporation documents to where we will check them manually before updating your profile.

3. KYC interview

Statistics show that projects that have given a KYC interview are more likely to have a higher TrustScore and more interest in their project. This is a casual interview which lasts around 30 minutes and requires you to schedule a time for this.

The 3 points above are included in your listing package and will not cost you anything extra.

Another important way to increase your TrustScore is through having a good quality profile for your project.

Profile quality is calculated by using a number of different factors. We recommend the following to achieve a high quality profile:

  • Insert as much unique information as possible in your project description
  • Upload your logo
  • Include team members' pictures and well-written bios
  • Make sure you add all relevant links including to your white paper, website, forums, twitter, etc. Make sure they are valid links and not returning a 404
  • Include a video explaining your project
  • Include your company's jurisdiction
  • Complete the distribution of funds information