How do I get more visits to my project?

Make the most of your listing to get more exposure for your project

After you have listed your project in CoinSchedule, you should start working on increasing the number of visits and backlinks to your project as this will increase your exposure and consequently visits to your website.

Here are some steps we recommend you take in order to increase your visibility and impact:

  • Use CoinSchedule's range of boosts to increase your project's exposure - these include podcasts, newsletter blasts, and articles and press releases - and we also reward you with PUSH when you purchase CoinSchedule boosts.
  • Make sure your CoinSchedule listing is complete. Include as many team members as possible, and ensure that they are verified. Add their LinkedIn profiles, pictures and write a unique detailed description of your project. If possible, add a video.
  • Start creating links to your project listing. Make sure you use your project name as the anchor text (and not just "CoinSchedule") as this will help your visibility within search engines.
  • Work to increase your TrustScore, and once you reach a "C" or higher start showing it on your website and forum threads as this shows the public that you can be trusted.
  • Share your CoinSchedule listing on social media, and add your social media profiles to your listing. You should also consider other promotional channels to raise awareness of your listing, such as PR and advertising on other websites.
  • Invite your fan base to vote on your project as this adds credibility - you might even be featured on our top token sales page on the CoinSchedule website.