What is the CoinSchedule TrustScore?

The CoinSchedule TrustScore is a proprietary algorithm developed by CoinSchedule that uses artificial intelligence techniques to determine the amount of credibility that a project has within our system.

The algorithm takes several inputs into account such as KYC (Know Your Customer) information, profile data, links and other data to come up with a score for each project. The score goes from A (most trustworthy) to E (least trustworthy). There is also the letter F which is used when a project has not yet been scored.

Different to all other rating systems out there, the CoinSchedule TrustScore does not try to predict the success or failure of a project. We believe that predicting the success or failure of long-term, international projects working with innovative and disruptive business models is impossible (and risky).

Rather, our TrustScore just tries to provide users with a combined score of how much operational risk CoinSchedule sees for each project. This means that our users should be careful with projects that have a low rating, because that means we don't have enough trusted information about them.

You can read more in this blog post by our CEO, Alex Buelau.